Journal of Constıtutıonal Law



Anayasa Hukuku Dergisi

Revue de Droit Constitutionnel


Constitutional law is a discipline of law, political science and human rights that is studied extensively not only in our country but all over the world. The number of joint scientific activities and publications is increasing day by day. Constitutional and political transformations witnessed in our region have carried the importance of constitutional studies in Turkey beyond national borders.
In our country, in recent years, the number of colleagues working on constitutional law and publications in this field have shown a significant increase. However, the need for a periodical publication specific to constitutional issues and debates has long been felt.

Publications specific to constitutional law in Europe have already crossed national borders. These are the most relevant publications for comparative constitutional law studies. Such a function is also valid for the Journal of Constitutional Law (JConstL). Considering the IACL membership of the Constitution-Der, it is inconceivable that the journal, which is considered as a publication organ of the association, is limited to the constitutional debates in our country and publishes only in Turkish.
Using three languages ​​together in the name of the journal is suitable for such a purpose. The majority of the journal’s advisory board members are distinguished constitutional law scholars from five continents of the world, which gives an idea of ​​the long-term aim of this periodical.



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